Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pop Corn With B-12? YES!

I have a small admission to make. I am completely and one hundred percent addicted to pop corn. Not all pop corn, but real pop corn. I grew up eating pop corn that we bought as kernels and used a Stir Crazy popper machine to make it. We would but locally grown pop corn so I was very spoiled. My parents would also put nutritional yeast on the pop corn after popping and that was the best ever! Nutritional yeast is a must eat for vegans and vegetarians. It is one of the only natural sources of B12 out there. We don't need much of this miracle vitamin, that's why mother nature has put it in so few food sources. But we do need some, and this is a really delicious way to get it. As an adult, I have altered the way I make my pop corn and keep playing. I have come up with a great one as a fluke this evening.

You will need:

~Your favorite pop corn, popped and hot
~Extra Virgin Dipping Olive Oil
~Nutritional yeast

Now there are many ways you can do this. In college, I use microwaveable pop corn. But I still used my n. yeast and olive oil. For microwaveable pop corn; pop and pour into a bowl. Drizzle with the olive oil. You don't need much but it adds so much flavor and you get all the great things in olive oil because you are not heating it. Shake the yeast over the top. I don't have a good measurement of the amount. I like a lot, my mom doesn't. It is up to you to play with, but try the yeast first before you waste the pop corn and the yeast; make sure you like it. Tap the side of the bowl to spread the yeast and the oil out and enjoy.

Now, if you are popping your own pop corn, you can always use the olive oil for the heating agent, or you can place your kernels in a brown paper bag without oil and pop them. Therefore not heating the oil and saving it to drizzle over the top along with the yeast.

I like to use the oil after I make the pop corn so I get flavored dipping olive oil. This tends to be higher quality oil and therefore has a stronger, better flavor and is a little heavier on the pocket. BUT, on accident I purchased this amazing oil yesterday and I didn't know it until I tasted a spicy flavor with my olive oil and yeast! I looked and this olive oil was infused with red peppers! Good thing I like really really spicy! Oh it was good. I also love to use garlic and herbed oils as well. All of which you can infuse at home in smaller quantities. I paid 8 bucks for 8.5 oz... A little steep for me, but I can never put a price on my health!

Enjoy some gourmet pop corn next time you invite friends or your date over for a movie!