Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random Pop Corn Variation

This is great. I accidentally purchased olive oil infused with hot chilies. This was a pleasant surprise when I drizzled it per usual on my pop corn. Just a few days ago I did something crazy.
I put my spicy olive oil, nutritional yeast, sea salt lemon pepper all on my freshly popped corn... Holy cow. It was so delicious. After posting this I am up the stairs to make some more, no joke. You can try anything on your pop corn. And any variation of this you want. I like getting the really good quality olive oil to drizzle on things I am not going to cook or have already cooked. I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as I do!

Marinated Mushroom Pastry

I am really trying to enjoy mushrooms. I try very hard, yet have not required the taste for them. However, my family loves them and I enjoy cooking with them. For this fast and easy dinner, I cubed four large Portobellos and marinated them. I was not at all sure how they were going to turn out, and I certainly was not going to taste test (I know, that is beyond sad)! BUT! My family loved it and cannot wait until I make it again and/or post the directions! So, here they are kids!

You will need:
~Four large Portobello mushrooms, cubed into 1x1" pieces
~Three TBL Balsamic Vinegar
~1.5 TBL Olive Oil
~Three Cloves Garlic, crushed
~2 tsp coarse, sea salt

~Two puff pastries, thawed
~Asiago Cheese, shredded (opt)

Take each mushroom and wipe clean with a dry paper towel or a dry cloth of any kind. Just make sure you get all the dirt off, but do not rinse! Mushrooms get really slimy and start to absorb everything under heavy moisture. We want them to do that, but with the vinegar, not muddy water! I use the whole mushroom, including the stem. It smells the same, so I assume it tastes at least similar, with maybe a texture difference.
Place in a bowl and pour over the vinegar and olive oil and then add the garlic and salt. Mix thoroughly. Let this sit for an hour or two, in the fridge if you have room and stir a couple of times every now and then to mix it up. This is the time to set out your pastry if you are like me and use frozen ones. If you haven't looked into making your own puff pastry, you should! Then head to your local market and buy some frozen, pre-made p.p.
After letting the mushroom marinate, put half of them on one side of the pastry leaving about 1 inch to 1.5 inches for you to grab onto and roll it up. The pastry is actually very durable and can take you pulling it over the mushrooms and stretching it to the other side. Leave the seam at the bottom, against the cookie sheet. Any little buys trying to escape from the end, squish back in and pinch the ends together. Brush the top with olive oil and make a few slices in the top and then sprinkle with your cheese, asiago is the one my family liked, and if it were me eating I would have used a vegan mozzarella! Bake at 350d until golden brown... I think it was about 30 to 35 minutes... Keep both eyes on it after 20 minutes or so.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Enchiladas, Another Spin!

Too bad for all you lookers, I ate these buggers before I made it to my camera! Imagine then, if you will, the best looking enchiladas you can and add some love on top and you have it!

I cannot tell you the depth of my pepperoncini addiction. I eat these every day. And when it came to putting the entire contents of my fridge into these enchiladas, I did not spare them my peppers. You will like.

Grab from the Kitchen:
~ Tortillas, flour and flexible
~Cheese, mozzarella and cheddar, vegan or not
~Black Beans
~Green Peppers
~White Onion
~Kalamata Olives
~Favorite Enchilada Sauce, I like to make mine
~..... I think that was it...

So. Pile everything in the middle of your tortillas, place your mozzarella on top of the pile, drizzle a little sauce in there, roll it up and place it in your baking dish. Drizzle the rest of the sauce on top, put the cheddar on and bake in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes at 350d. I always like to get the cheese just browning before I pull it out. I guarantee you will love the combination here and the veggies, being fresh but hot add a great flavor to the enchiladas that is usually missed when the veggies are sauteed first. Oh baby. Yum.

Farfalle Salad

I love Farfalle. I know I am a child for saying that, but for farfalle, I will do anything. These great flavors came to me because of their colors and the idea that I can put anything into a pasta salad. Sorry for the poor photo, the light in my house is not that great after dark and I didn't have time to set up lighting. I guess to get the full affect, you will have to make it yourselves!

You will need:

~Farfalle, cooked, rinsed in cold water and set aside
~Asparagus, steamed, chopped, set aside
~Grape or Cherry Tomatoes, cut in halves
~Red Bell Peppers, chopped
~Small White Onion, finely chopped

~Balsamic vinegar, get a good one!
~Extra Virgin Olive Oil, again, a good one!
~Sea Salt
~Fresh Basil and Italian Parsley

There is no trick to how you do this, honestly. I like to keep the farfalle warm as well as the asparagus and then put the oil, herbs and onion in. This will allow for the flavors to marry each other while the dish cools. As they are getting hitched, prepare your other veggies and toss them in. Add the Balsamic and then salt and toss one last time. Cover and cool. It is extra tasty if you let it settle into the married life for a few hours in the fridge before eating!

This is somewhat of an uninspiring post with a very uninspiring picture, but I urge you to try this recipe! It is so yummy!

Stuffed Dates~ Oh yeah....

My mom made these when I was a kid and I am sad to say that I didn't partake in them too often because I thought dates were weird and looked like... ummm, gross. In these last several years, I have found myself craving all these dishes that we had prepared for us as kids, even those I did not like. It is weird how that happens.

My mother's birthday was near the beginning of the month and as a surprise, I made a Mediterranean style dinner for her and the dates were included. Making them with my grandmother, her mother, was a real treat. She told me that the recipe came from a roomie from her college days and that her mother would always send these in a shoe box for them to enjoy. It is so neat how all of these recipes travel through different people and changing times. I am now making that faster by putting this great recipe on the internet for all to see. I hope it will start a chain reaction that will bring people closer and generate feelings of family, tradition and home.

You will need:

~Dates, pit them yourself for the tastiest ones!
~Peanut butter
~Powdered sugar or superfine sugar of any kind

Simplest recipe ever. Put your dates, fill in the cavity with peanut butter and roll the whole thing around in a bow of the sugar. Eat.

I like mixing in cinnamon or cloves or other spices with the peanut butter. Pick and choose your favorite spice combo and stick with it. These are a great treat to gift because they do not spoil easily nor lose their shape or what not. They look rustic and homemade while keeping an elegant feeling coming from their origin. A plus is that they are pretty healthy too! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up!

Hello everyone!
It has been a while but I have been doing a lot of cooking during my internet absence!
I have some great new recipes to add and some others that I am perfecting and a whole lot of photography to go through! During this season there are several great reasons I call it my favorite.

Firstly, all of the summer veggies are going on sale at the farmer's market and I have eaten all of the fresh recipes I can handle so it is time to do some canning! Pickling, preserving, baking to freeze, stock making, etc.

Secondly, this season makes me want to do nothing but build a ridiculous and unnecessarily large fire and bake.

Thirdly, I love oranges and here they come!

I am going to touch pretty heavily on all of these and have some, if I dare say so, spectacular recipes to go with.

I have missed you guys! So here we go with what I have been doing!

PS The flowers here are called Nasturtiums. They are not only hearty, beautiful and easily grown, they are also really delicious! They have a nice peppery flavor and are slightly spicy too!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keeping up with some of my favorite people~

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the author of The China Study, has a great website called the T. Colin Campbell Foundation full of a lot of great information. Another of my favorite websites, VegSource, had a great article by Dr. Campbell about diet. Thought you may want to check it out!

Oh Man, She has Soy Milk!

I found a new brand of soy milk in my local grocery yesterday. I picked some up and I can tell you it is the best I have ever tasted! It costs the same as the others, I think even cheaper, but it was DELICIOUS!

It is from 8th Continent. Please don't laugh at me if you have heard of it. I am stuck in Bumpkin Town and this is new here! So don't rain on my parade! Here is a link to their website, I highly recommend it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Vegan BB-Q

I cook a lot. Der. Most of the time I cook for my family and close friends and we all LOVE to BB-Q. This time my family and I were at our house at the Lake of the Ozarks and we had one such meal. Check out some pictures, recipes to follow!

Black Bean Salsa

I love the flavors in this salsa. It seems everyone has. I have made it on several occasions now, to test it out, and it has disappeared really fast every time! If you like cilantro, this is a great recipe for you!

You will need:
~16 oz , cooked black beans, rinsed and drained
~8 oz, corn
~2/3 large, white onion, finely chopped
~1 cup coarsely chopped, fresh cilantro
~2 limes
~olive oil
~dried, ground, Chipolte seasoning
~large grained, sea salt
~red pepper flakes

Mix beans and corn in a bowl as soon as you rinse them in COLD water. Mix in onions and cilantro. Drizzle some olive oil over until lightly coated and then add seasoning to taste.

Before cutting into the limes, roll them on the counter with your palm with some pressure. This helps break up the capilaries inside and allows for more juice to be squeezed. Cut each lime in half through the center and grab a fork. Stick the tines into the meaty part of the lime and squeeze the outsde around the fork. A lot of juice will come out especially if you twist the lime around the fork. It is preferable for bits of lime to go into the salsa, but watch for seeds and bits of rind. I love lime, so I use all four halves, but sometimes the dish tastes fine with three, so keep tasting as you go along! Don' follow a recipe, you're the one who is going to be eating it!!! Enjoy with corn chips, pita chips, tortillas, fingers, forks, spoons, etc. Serve chilled, or let marinate over night for GREAT flavor!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Sister's Birthday Feast!

The Recipes in this meal are the last three posts:

Roasted Potatoes and Vidalias with Garlic

Summer Vegetable Pastry

Apple Cider Vinegar Pasta Salad

Check out the individual recipes and let me know how you like them!

Soon I will be making a Tofu Quiche, Heath Oatmeal Cookies and my very fist Blueberry Pie! Check back soon!

Roasted Potaoes and Vidalia Onions with Garlic and Olive Oil

Is there anything better than roasted potatoes? YES, roasted potatoes with onions and garlic! This was the perfect side for my sister's birthday feast! Not only do they make my whole family happy they are a great source of vitamin C and flavor! These particular potatoes, my mother and I planted a few months ago and we are really happy with how they have turned out! So delicious.

You will need:
~ Potatoes, washed, cubed and partially steamed
~ Vidalia Onions, washed, peeled, large cubes
~ Fresh garlic cloves
~ s/p
~ Cumin
~ Olive Oil

Preheat the oven to 425d. and prepare the potatoes. Steam them so they are still a little hard, but steamed. Place on a baking sheet with edges and drizzle with oil, salt and cumin. I like to add a little chipotle seasoning, but I love the heat! Mix with fingers.
The onions will not take nearly as long so I use a different baking sheet for them. On the onions, I use the same technique by placing the onions on the sheet first then drizzling with oil and sprinkling salt and pepper. Then mixing with fingers carefully so as not to throw onions, the slippery suckers, out of the edges. I usually clear off a corer and place my garlic cloves after I peel and rinse them. I rub them in the oil, but don't add anything extra. They are a good marker for the onions as well. When they are nice and 'roasted' looking, the onions are done too!
The potatoes are done when a knife slides through them easily and they are browned. Pull them out every now and then to mix around and let other sides brown.

Pull the onions and garlic out. Place the onions in the serving bowl and grab a wide knife and the garlic. Put the cloves on a cutting board and 'smear' the garlic and chop them to make a garlic paste. When the potatoes are finished, mix with the onions and then mix in the garlic paste. SO GOOD!

The garlic paste process:

Summer Vegetable Pastry... thing

I have no idea where this came from, I just thought it would taste good. My family surprisingly agreed, which come to think, is really lucky on my part. I used it as the main dish of my sister's birthday dinner tonight... Without trying it first... Wheeeew!
I did, however, use everything but the pastry from my mother's garden! All legitimately organic and deliciously pesticide and growing agent free!

You will need:
~ 2 puffed pastry sheets, thawed
~ 2 cups Ricotta cheese
~ Olive oil handy
~ 1 small Summer squash, quartered and sliced
~ 1 medium zucchini, quartered and sliced
~ 7 Roma tomatoes, large cubes ( it doesn't really matter what type of tomatoes you use, I just had four million Romas, so I used them )
~ 1/3 cup fresh, chopped spinach
~ 3/4 cup finely chopped white onions
~3/4 cup thickly sliced white onions
~ 1 Tbl. (healthy Tbl., usually turns out to be 2 Tbls. for my taste),minced garlic
~ Sage
~ s/p
~ Oregano, must be fresh
~ (opt) red pepper flakes to taste

In this recipe I used a glass cooking dish and without greasing the bottom, just stretched one sheet of pastry to fit and set aside. In my nicely seasoned, iron skillet, I sauteed on low heat in some olive oil, the onions, summer squash and zukes. I added a little salt and pepper and let them get soft.

While they are sitting in the skillet on low heat, doing their thing, cube your tomatoes and put on top of the pastry in the dish. Don't worry about the liquid, it is needed to cook the insides. Now preheat your oven to 375 d. and put the top shelf almost to the top. You want room for the dish and a few inches in between the burner and the top of the dish.

When the veggies in the skillet are soft and starting to brown, pour onto the tomatoes and get as much of the oil in as you can, this has a lot of flavor!

In a separate bowl place the ricotta. To this add the chopped onions, garlic, s/p, sage and red pepper flakes. Mix up and set aside.

Add the spinach on top of the veggies and then tear into pieces the fresh oregano and add on top of that. Then carefully add the seasoned ricotta. This can be tricky because of the spinach not being very stable, but you can do it!

Over that, stretch the other puff pastry. Almost tuck in the sides and get it as close to the glass as possible. Grab some olive oil in a little bowl and add some salt, pepper and garlic and brush on the top of the pastry. Place on top shelf in oven and pull out when the crust on top is nice and brown and puffed!

Serve warm and goes really well with a light salad!
*** For all you vegans, I found a really great vegan ricotta and it worked nicely!

Easy Apple Cider Vinegar Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is one of the best things to have in the summer! It is easy to make and you can put whatever you want in it! It was my sisters birthday today so it was the perfect time to make it! My favorite way to flavor this one is with apple cider vinegar. It gives it the vinegar-y flavor with a nice, crisp sweetness that you cannot find anywhere else!

You will need (for the version showcased):
~4 cups cooked pasta, I use whole wheat spirals
~1 cup Carrots, chopped
~3/4 cup Celery, Chopped with greens
~1 cup white onion,finely chopped
~3/4 cup green olives
~Extra Version Olive Oil
~Apple Cider Vinegar
(both to taste)
Seasoning (all fresh if possible):
~Crushed black pepper
~Minced Garlic

First cook the pasta and when draining it, rinse with cool water. This will keep the pasta from sticking together as badly and will speed up the mixing process. Set aside the pasta.
In the serving bowl, add the veggies and place the pasta on top. Drizzle oil over until you can coat everything, but not enough to pool in the bottom. If you accidentally add too much do not add other ingredients until you drain the extra off. It is not a lost cause when you can drain off the access oil and not lose any seasoning! Then add the Vinegar. Add a similar amount to the olive oil and taste. Keep adding until it suits you. Once you found the right ratio, add the seasonings and toss. This way the herbs stick and not trickle to the bottom. Keep tasting it and make it just right for you. I love adding red pepper flakes, but my family is not as.... adaptable... there is a good word!

Chill covered for an hour if possible and serve!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Look at this Cool Site!

I found this on a fellow blogger's wall, and thought that you all might like to see it. The site is all about wise living choices and how to go about living in a natural way! I think you all will really enjoy it!

Let me know what you think or if you have found other sites similar!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Beautiful Fruit Bowl

There is no talent in 'making' this dish, but it was too pretty to not photograph and it was too good to not share! I keep stressing the importance of eating fresh fruits and veggies and to completely fill yourself up on them, not leaving room for all the crap that is thrown our way all day, everyday!

I have in there really juicy cherries, tart blueberries and my cheat, prunes (dried plums). MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Simple Lunch Salad

I love fresh veggies! I also love salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This I made for lunch today and it totally hit the spot. Now the trick is, I am the only vegan on the planet who doesn't like the taste of raw tomato... Weird, I know. I keep trying them and I keep not liking them, but I am assured I will get there some day. Putting that aside, I try to put tomato in whenever I can, in this case, fresh salsa! Yeah, I put salsa on my salad. Sure did.

You will need:

~Favorite onion
~Fresh Cilantro
~Favorite fresh salsa
~Lime juice
~Apple Cider Vinegar
~Olive oil

Cut all that stuff up and throw it in a bowl. Put the salsa then the cilantro and then the lime juice, vinegar and oil. A little pepper on top is delicious. I also like to have a really spicy salsa to put on top. It makes for a neat combination for the taste buds!

Today I topped it off with a nice bowl of fresh fruit! Cherries, blueberries and some dried plums! The plums have a little too much sugar for my liking, but I don't eat them very often so what the hay!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Welcome Bend in my Creek

~Through my love (*let's use the term 'love' so I don't have to admit it is a slightly scary obsession,) of food, cooking and learning about natural ways to care for myself and my loved ones, I have found a new passion. What is interesting is I have always loved the ideas I have recently given light to. I was always raised to believe in working for that which you have and leaving out as much unnecessary elements as possible. As a child I thought this was a good thing and loved watching my parents live this way and in turn my life was that way, but now that I am all grown up I realize there is SO much more than what I have been doing and I am going to change that. This blog is not only going to be about my weird food experiments and random philosophies, but a journey I am going on to hopefully reach a completely sustainable life. I want to bring as much of 'me' into this as possible so that the journey is not just the end product.
So, what is this journey about? After such a vague starting paragraph I will fill you in. I have always had a love for gardening. Starting as a child, my family planted a garden larger than my house every year and it grew slightly every year. We planted way too much of everything. Well sort of. We grew way more than we could eat so we could pass out a lot to friends and extended family and be selfish little 'veggies' and preserve the rest. We had wonderful, homegrown and organic foods to eat in the dead of winter and I think to this day I do not know the extent of my luck for that. But the last thing I want to do it get out of the habit so my kids (which I have none so far but when I do...,) can enjoy the same benefits!
To present my newly energized self I am starting a whole new system of life. I invite you! My wonderful mother has been an early childhood educator for all of her professional life and has recently come to a twist in her creek. Due to funding cuts in our great state she has not had the work she is used to. This was a huge point of stress for my whole family unit. My father is also a teacher and so as he likes to put it they are living in 'respectable poverty'. We use this term lightly to make fun of the system. They don't go hungry and have provided my two siblings and I with an amazing child/adulthood. BUT, there was never much wiggle room if you know what I mean. My mother, always thinking and calculating her next move, has brought up the idea of making her own soap, shampoo and conditioners. This is something my family as a whole has dreamed about for many years and I think my dad has actually done it before back in his hippie days. Well, when she told me that I couldn't believe my luck! She is in the position where she can dedicate herself to this project and wants it to make half a living! What luck! I have a business partner to enhance my increasing sustainability! AND IT IS MY MOM! How cool?
I have thrown in the idea of making toothpaste and a few other things. I have really focused on how food affects the body and where we should get what we need. In doing this I have realized that not everything we take into our bodies comes from our food. I have learned to taste artificial sweeteners and stay away from them, but I noticed I would get the same nasty flavor when I brushed my teeth... No. Please World, tell me they are not putting artificial sweetener in toothpaste! Well bully for me. Not only is it chalk full of sweeteners it also has all sorts of dyes and chemicals and other trashy elements. At that point I started checking everything. Mouth washes, floss, chap sticks, laundry detergents, cleaners, clothing dyes, everything. It was exhausting and disgusting. What can I do?
I found this wonderful product line called Tom's Naturals ( ). They get it. I am no longer putting trash in my mouth every time I brush but there are sill so many things we need to be careful of. It also made me realize how much we can make at home. This give several advantages; we know exactly what is going into our products, we learn more about what we use and are more conscious of our consumption and in many cases we can save money by making our own things from bulk supplies!
Basically, I am going to start including my experiences and experiments, good or bad, successful or unsuccessful, right here. I want to hear your opinions, critiques and reactions.~

My mom and I are researching business licenses and all that as well as coming up with soap ideas and names for our products. Wish us luck!

Peace and love!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grilled Veggies

Everyone likes grilled veggies. They go so well with everything and you can use them in so many different ways. I like to use the left overs cold and on a sandwich with spinach, mustard and vegan mayo... That is another post. For now; the grilled veggies. This was a side I used for a hearty meal I made.

You will need:
~ several multi-colored peppers
~ 3 long carrots, washed but not peeled ( B12!!! explanation in soup recipe below )
~2 large white onions
~2 summer squash and/or zucchinis
~ olive oil, herbed if you wish
~ favorite vegetable seasoning*

Heat a griddle on the oven top or use your bar b que grill. Slice the peppers in large long slices about 1.5 inches wide, slice the onions in thick discs and leave intact, slice the squash and/or zucchinis in angled discs and slice the carrots down the middle, sometimes you can get three slices out of one (3/4 inch thick). The carrots you may want to steam just a bit, depending on how thick they are. Pour some oil in a shallow plate and dip the veggies in it on each side and place on the griddle or grill. Flip each once they have gotten the charred lines on each side and place on a plate in the low heating oven (150d). Once you have all the veggies done place on a decorative plate or bowl and generously sprinkle with your seasoning. In the photograph I used my made up chipotle seasoning, but I have also used a great table style Italian Seasoning. I have found that with some seasonings it is easier to add it to the oil before you dip them. Play around with your own. Adding some fresh herbs after grilling adds to the aesthetics and adds tremendous flavor! Find the herb that shows up most in your meal and use it... It will really marry the flavors of each dish.

Sweet Potato Vegetable Soup

It is very important to have a kitchen helper when available. So I went to my sister's house and got two! My sister Alleta and Beau, my very cute, special kitchen helper...

So this soup is great because everything came out of our garden! That is a very important thing for everyone. Vitamin B12 is not hard to get when you know where to look. In animal protein the B12 is already synthesized and is rendered almost useless to other animals. We need the un-synthesized B12 so our own body can work it. Only through that process do we benefit form it. Anyway, the B12 everyone needs comes from soil. (Cows eat grass/soil and get B12 hence the misconception we benefit from them with B12.)
Not only are the veggies blessed with delicious traces of dirt(!), they are really really pretty!

You will need:
~1 Large Sweet Potato~1 Large Red Onion~4 large stalks of celery with greens
~2cups uncooked quinoa
~Tomato base*
~2 Bay leaves
~s/p to taste
*My family, every year, grows an abundance of garden goods so can. We make a concoction my Gram dubbed 'goop-it' that consists of tomatoes and anything else we have left over. We blanch the tomatoes and peel them and then add the rest of the chopped veggies and herbs. We put them in Mason jars and pressure cook them until sealed. We use these jars of 'goop-it' throughout the year as soup bases. It comes out with the consistency of a soupy salsa. Alleta and I used one that was made with just tomato and basil leaves.
To start, if you have an iron skillet, USE it! Cooking in iron not only gives amazing flavor, even heat and flexibility to the dish, the mineral is actually leached into the food giving us 'veggies' much needed supplements! Start by cubing the potato and chopping the onion and celery into 'healthy' sized chunks. Use a hot skillet with a dash of olive oil and start sauteing the potato. Add a dash of water after the potatoes start to steam a little. This may initiate some splatter so watch out, but it is important to allow the potatoes to get soft. Add the onion as soon as the potato starts to brown.
In a sauce pan add 1 quart of your tomato base. If you don't have 'goop-it' ( yeah right ), you can sub a few seasoned cans of stewed/ herbed tomatoes. Put over low heat and add the bay leaves. Let that simmer and check the potatoes. If they are softer but still put up a little resistance to a knife, add the onions and saute them until soft. Add the celery and greens to the sauce pan. Stir it up. Once the potatoes and soft enough to have a knife go through it but not fall apart, add everything in the skillet into the sauce pan and simmer for a few minutes. Add the quinoa and let simmer for about ten more minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste and you are finished!

Chipotle Breakfast Scramble

TOFU! This stuff is wonderful! I love it because you can adapt any flavor to it. This is again a conglomeration of the stuff in my fridge. It was a really great late morning breakfast that stuck with me so well I forgot to eat lunch... I never forget lunch...

You will need:
~1 block of extra firm tofu
~1 cup'ish' random, delicious veggies
(I used onions and green peppers)
~2 cloves freshly chopped garlic
~Chipotle seasoning
~Turmeric, s/p
~Using it carefully I added a little tiny bit of Liquid Smoke as well

Finely cube the tofu as you are sauteing the veggies in a bit of olive oil. Then the veggies have been heated all the way through add the garlic and tofu. Add the seasonings to taste (again, be careful with the liquid smoke if you have it). Mix it all up and let sit for a minute or two, until the tofu is browned. Then mix again and wait again. Keep this up until the tofu has been browned on as many sides available. I served this dish with some spicy guacamole and some really cold orange juice. I love really spicy things so the cold juice added to the bite and made a partner for the heat!