Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Poor Man's French Toast

This was my favorite as a young child and I guess when I was a young adult I didn't think much about it... It wasn't until I was making dinner at my grandmother's house and attempted to use 'garlic powder' and it came out cinnamon and sugar, did I remember. I love this toast and it is so easy and fast to make. Reminds me of my wonderful childhood.

You will need:
Butter ( I use vegan butter)
*Toaster oven or broiler setting on your oven... DO NOT USE TRADITIONAL TOASTER!

My family always had a jar or some reused spice container to mix 2 parts cinnamon and 3 parts sugar. If you like cinnamon a lot, use more or just sprinkle on buttered bread separately and toast. The sugar caramelizes and adds a neat crunchiness to the toast when finished. Eat at home with a full breakfast or make as a sweet snack whenever you get the urge...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Praline Pecans

I get in such the mood for pecans and sweet stuff around this time of year and almost nothing can beat roasted pecans... unless you praline them. I like to have little decorative bowls around the house with these inside and this year I handed them out for Halloween! I also use them as stocking stuffers and in gift baskets.

You will need:

2 cups pecans
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup brown sugar
tsp. vanilla(opt.)
3Tbl. flour

Heat oven to 350d and spray roasting tray. Mix all ingredients and spread on tray and bake 1n minutes, turn, then bake another ten minutes. Let cool before you try them, these suckers are HOT!

Roasted Veggies

You can roast anything, but a favorite combination of mine includes red and yellow bell peppers and red onion! I serve this next to pasta, mashed potatoes, etc. It is a fun and potentially festive addition to any meal!

You will need:
(for this version...)

1 large yellow pepper
1 large red pepper
1 large red onion
3 garlic cloves, minced
kosher salt and pepper
olive oil

After washing all veggies, cut into large chunks and place in a roasting tray (a cookie sheet with high edges). Add garlic, s/p and drizzle whit a healthy amount of olive oil and bake at 350d until soft ( about 35 minutes). Serve warm and covered in the oil form the tray, it holds amazing flavor. If you don't like oily foods, I like to save the oil in a little jar and add it to plain pasta or salads...

Garlic and Lime Bok Choy

Bok Choy is a Chinese cabbage that proves to be one of the best sources for protein and iron. I use it constantly and in many ways but my favorite is to use it as a bed for a hearty stew, roasted veggie or tofu. This is a versatile way to prepare bok choy and it is simple and fast. This time I served it along side a squash soup.

You will need:

6 large leaves of freshly washed Bok Choy
3 cloves garlic, chopped
3 boiler onions, sliced
Tbl. Grape seed Oil
Tbl. lemon juice

On low heat in a skillet, mix onions, garlic, oil, s/p and lemon juice; saute. Wash and chop bok choy into desired pieces and add to skillet once the onions and garlic are browned. Raise head to medium and mix. Wilt the bok choy just until the leaves are a vibrant dark green. This is a dish to prepare when all other food is 5 or so minutes away from being finished. IT DOES NOT TAKE LONG once the bok choy is in the skillet. A trick I have learned is to heat everything to the point of adding the bok choy and then turn it off. Finish the other food, place the bok choy in the skillet and with your hands turn the leaves in the oil until coated and then bring up to heat.

Avocado and Carrot Salad with a Citrus twist

Avocado is so good for your body and a really delicious fruit which is generally stuck in one dish! You can do so much with an avocado and this is one of many recipes I plan on posting proving just that! This is an easy salad to sue as a starter for a luncheon or a nutritious snack!

You will need:
(Feeds four to six)

2 large Avocados (chilled)
1 large, shredded or finely chopped carrot
1 lime
kosher salt
Tbl. freshly minced garlic

Peel and chop avocado into 1 inch chunks. Use 1/4 of the lime and juice over the avocado. Mix in carrot and garlic and wedge the rest of the lime. Salt the top and serve immediately with lime wedges available for extra citrus taste!