Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Roasted Potaoes and Vidalia Onions with Garlic and Olive Oil

Is there anything better than roasted potatoes? YES, roasted potatoes with onions and garlic! This was the perfect side for my sister's birthday feast! Not only do they make my whole family happy they are a great source of vitamin C and flavor! These particular potatoes, my mother and I planted a few months ago and we are really happy with how they have turned out! So delicious.

You will need:
~ Potatoes, washed, cubed and partially steamed
~ Vidalia Onions, washed, peeled, large cubes
~ Fresh garlic cloves
~ s/p
~ Cumin
~ Olive Oil

Preheat the oven to 425d. and prepare the potatoes. Steam them so they are still a little hard, but steamed. Place on a baking sheet with edges and drizzle with oil, salt and cumin. I like to add a little chipotle seasoning, but I love the heat! Mix with fingers.
The onions will not take nearly as long so I use a different baking sheet for them. On the onions, I use the same technique by placing the onions on the sheet first then drizzling with oil and sprinkling salt and pepper. Then mixing with fingers carefully so as not to throw onions, the slippery suckers, out of the edges. I usually clear off a corer and place my garlic cloves after I peel and rinse them. I rub them in the oil, but don't add anything extra. They are a good marker for the onions as well. When they are nice and 'roasted' looking, the onions are done too!
The potatoes are done when a knife slides through them easily and they are browned. Pull them out every now and then to mix around and let other sides brown.

Pull the onions and garlic out. Place the onions in the serving bowl and grab a wide knife and the garlic. Put the cloves on a cutting board and 'smear' the garlic and chop them to make a garlic paste. When the potatoes are finished, mix with the onions and then mix in the garlic paste. SO GOOD!

The garlic paste process:

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