Friday, October 16, 2009

Spicy, Asian Inspired Salad

I love the idea of using oils without cooking them, allowing to gain all of the nutrients I can from them. I also love using dark green veggies and brightly colored veggies, which are the ones that give us the most vitamins, minerals and proteins. Another thing I added was the spicy aspect which I love applying to things that are, here in the states, not generally found spicy.

You will need:

Spinach, washed and drained
Purple cabbage, washed and sliced
White onion, washed and sliced

Olive Oil
Apple cider Vinegar
Lemon Juice
Black Pepper

Add all the veggies into a bowl and toss to taste with the dressing ingredients. I usually never measure with anything but my taste buds, so it is always hard for me to tell someone how much of what to put in. Especially when it doesn't matter! It should be up to the cook and the eaters as to how much of what they eat. So for the dressing, until you get practiced and just drizzling straight into your bowl and knowing it will be great, use a seperate bowl and taste test and if you want, document it.

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