Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chipotle Breakfast Scramble

TOFU! This stuff is wonderful! I love it because you can adapt any flavor to it. This is again a conglomeration of the stuff in my fridge. It was a really great late morning breakfast that stuck with me so well I forgot to eat lunch... I never forget lunch...

You will need:
~1 block of extra firm tofu
~1 cup'ish' random, delicious veggies
(I used onions and green peppers)
~2 cloves freshly chopped garlic
~Chipotle seasoning
~Turmeric, s/p
~Using it carefully I added a little tiny bit of Liquid Smoke as well

Finely cube the tofu as you are sauteing the veggies in a bit of olive oil. Then the veggies have been heated all the way through add the garlic and tofu. Add the seasonings to taste (again, be careful with the liquid smoke if you have it). Mix it all up and let sit for a minute or two, until the tofu is browned. Then mix again and wait again. Keep this up until the tofu has been browned on as many sides available. I served this dish with some spicy guacamole and some really cold orange juice. I love really spicy things so the cold juice added to the bite and made a partner for the heat!

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