Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grilled Veggies

Everyone likes grilled veggies. They go so well with everything and you can use them in so many different ways. I like to use the left overs cold and on a sandwich with spinach, mustard and vegan mayo... That is another post. For now; the grilled veggies. This was a side I used for a hearty meal I made.

You will need:
~ several multi-colored peppers
~ 3 long carrots, washed but not peeled ( B12!!! explanation in soup recipe below )
~2 large white onions
~2 summer squash and/or zucchinis
~ olive oil, herbed if you wish
~ favorite vegetable seasoning*

Heat a griddle on the oven top or use your bar b que grill. Slice the peppers in large long slices about 1.5 inches wide, slice the onions in thick discs and leave intact, slice the squash and/or zucchinis in angled discs and slice the carrots down the middle, sometimes you can get three slices out of one (3/4 inch thick). The carrots you may want to steam just a bit, depending on how thick they are. Pour some oil in a shallow plate and dip the veggies in it on each side and place on the griddle or grill. Flip each once they have gotten the charred lines on each side and place on a plate in the low heating oven (150d). Once you have all the veggies done place on a decorative plate or bowl and generously sprinkle with your seasoning. In the photograph I used my made up chipotle seasoning, but I have also used a great table style Italian Seasoning. I have found that with some seasonings it is easier to add it to the oil before you dip them. Play around with your own. Adding some fresh herbs after grilling adds to the aesthetics and adds tremendous flavor! Find the herb that shows up most in your meal and use it... It will really marry the flavors of each dish.

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