Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Vegan Dinner, balanced and beautiful

So, I have the salad and tabuli from the two previous posts and with that some beautiful steamed asparagus, toasted bread with sauteed onions and kalamatas on the pit and for a touch of light and sweet, a grapefruit, banana and coconut salad with agave.

The asparagus is pretty easy. Just cut into whatever size you want to serve it and steam it until slightly soft. I like it with a little crunch left, but if you like it dead, dead it. Goes well with some vegan butter and salt. ** A little trick with asparagus; the ends are a little stiff and to get rid of those take a sharp knife and tap the ends and work your way twords the middle. When the knife falls into the asparagus, you know that is where to cut the ends off. Less waste than guessing.

The fruit salad could not be easier. One large grapefruit, sectioned and halved. Two very ripe bananas, freshly shaved coconut meat and drizzle with agave to taste... If you like the tartness of the grapefruit and don't need the sweet balance, forgo the agave.... Simple!

For the toast, lay the bread on a baking sheet, drizzle whit olive oil, slat and pepper. A little rosemary if you are feeling feisty and broil with a watchful eye until desired color. I forgot the 'watchful eye' part and toasted my toast too much... Whoopsie. Slice an onion, of whatever kind, and sweat/sautee on low heat in a little olive oil until golden. Olives, however you like 'em. I also add in some banana peppers or sliced peperochinis as well. So delicious.

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  1. we NEED to have dinner at your house sometime! text me! this looks so beautiful!
    oh yea it's stephie y....