Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Poor Man's French Toast

This was my favorite as a young child and I guess when I was a young adult I didn't think much about it... It wasn't until I was making dinner at my grandmother's house and attempted to use 'garlic powder' and it came out cinnamon and sugar, did I remember. I love this toast and it is so easy and fast to make. Reminds me of my wonderful childhood.

You will need:
Butter ( I use vegan butter)
*Toaster oven or broiler setting on your oven... DO NOT USE TRADITIONAL TOASTER!

My family always had a jar or some reused spice container to mix 2 parts cinnamon and 3 parts sugar. If you like cinnamon a lot, use more or just sprinkle on buttered bread separately and toast. The sugar caramelizes and adds a neat crunchiness to the toast when finished. Eat at home with a full breakfast or make as a sweet snack whenever you get the urge...

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